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The future of learning is here

We design and develop next generation education solutions that enable learning by doing for Africa’s tomorrow, today. Our innovative virtual learning solutions cater for the future needs of schools, universities & corporates ensuring that what we design today, remains relevant tomorrow. Our solution suite includes Adaptive eLearning Solutions for institutional and organisational learning and Future School Solutions for government and private schools.

How do we ensure that our virtual solutions are relevant for today and tomorrow?

Our development framework is based on leadership in all areas of virtual learning through:

Expertise in

  • 21st Century learning and teaching
  • eLearning technologies
  • Change management
  • Training and skills development

Seamless virtual solutions

  • Cutting edge eLearning technology enabling ‘learning by doing’ philosophy – using simulations, adaptive learning and gamification.
  • Components can be layered to reside in one easy to use platform and learning process.

People centric solutions

  • Understanding the objectives of the learning outcomes
  • Understanding the needs of the learner
  • Using pioneering technology to design adaptive and personalised learning solutions.

What we do

Future eLearning Solutions

VLA Future eLearning Solutions such as Adaptive eLearning creates the best possible learning experience by emulating the talents of great educators and trainers. This is achieved by using technologies that adapt and shape teaching to the needs of the individual learner.

VLA Future eLearning Solutions, meets the need for customised learning requirements for Basic and Higher Education as well as Organisational training and development.

Future Schools

VLA Future School Solutions are custom designed digital learning solutions to prepare Educators & Learners with the skills and competencies that future schools and the future economy demands.

VLA Future School solutions are designed based on our expertise in 21st century learning & thought leadership in education innovation.

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