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Gamifying the Classroom

“Play is the highest form of research.” Albert Einstein.   The Relevance, benefits, challenges and the future… Many educators and content developers are putting in effort to gamify the classroom. With more and more innovation by developers and adoption by students and teachers, game based learning is having an increasingly positive impact on education. This is not surprising since […]

When gamification fails!

Experts would agree that gamification is here to stay – being touted as one of the key technological trends that will continue to pick up momentum in 2014. Having said that, Gartner has predicted that 80% of gamification efforts in 2014 will fail. Before we delve into the causes of ineffective gamification efforts, let’s look […]

Bridging the educational divide

The pressing need to address the high numbers of children repeating grades and leaving school before completing primary or secondary education was revealed in the 2012 global education digest. Whilst some of the variables that cause these challenges, such as the absence of electricity and livelihood,  which are by and large out of the control […]